She believed I was able

To steal more than a kiss from a wish that I made to myself
More that a wish from the lips of somebody else

Christophe Capewell

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Ciarán Flynn 1, 2, 3
[pron: Kier-Awn Flinn]

1. Independent Irish songwriter, usually seen around the world with a guitar and a boarding pass in-hand.

2. Musical and cultural explorer.

3. Performing Artist.


Traditional Irish ballads.

Genesis i, ii, iii, iv, v

i. Influenced by Dylan, Donovan, Simon & Garfunkel, Planxty, Neil Young, Woody Guthrie, Tracy Chapman and Radiohead.

ii. The poems, songs and voice of Luke Kelly imposed a romantic vision of the inherited Ireland.

iii. Poetry of Patrick Kavanagh presented as the english language at its best - written, sang and read in familiar accent.

iv. Influenced again by The Frames, Springsteen, Prayerboat, Tom Waits and Nick Drake.

v. Later employed guitar to deliver orignal songs in folk clubs and venues around Europe, Scandinavia, North & South America.


Moving target. Last seen in Dublins' inner city; writing, recording, performing and dreaming up the next big adventure.


The future can be found on the stages of live venues around Ireland and beyond.

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