Tonight if I go to sleep I won’t be alone
My heart goes out to a girl in control

Christophe Capewell

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Good Friday?

words & music: ciaran flynn

I asked for your help, you told me no.
You told me I had no God but your were wrong when you said I’d no love to give
You held out your hand to lead the way
But I didn’t go I didn’t feel I needed to be saved

‘cause I have no-one … to look forward to seeing when my time comes
And I’ll ask that no-one pass judgement on me before my life’s done.

I don’t need to believe in a Christ to take me through the rest of my life
I think I’m doing alright, doing alright.
The Angels are the people I meet who live off the inner city streets
On this Friday night, this Friday night, this Friday night.
And there’re people out there just like you and me,
who need to have something to believe
Until Friday night, until Friday night.

Tonight; They're gonna have a good time,
They’re gonna sit through moonlight.
They're gonna stay the whole night.
And try again, to get through their lives.


So tell me, from your good book of all you say is right
Take me to the passage, to where Allah takes on Christ
And tell me what's so good about this Friday night,
As your tanks roll towards Ramallah under Isreal's bloody sky.
Tonight; they’re gonna have a good time,
they’re gonna march through moonlight,
they're gonna stay the whole night,
And try again, to take Palestine


Holy Land!
You don't have the right to take life from child, woman or man.
And it’s gonna take more than the dollar and the yank-tank
to move the souls from their homes, along the west-bank.
Tonight; they’re gonna fight the good fight,
they’re gonna take on Israel’s might,
they’re gonna wave their flag high,
And try again to save Palestine.

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