Morning arrives blue skies filled with hope
I'm alive I can cope
I feel fine once I donít start to cry,
I'll keep smiling

Christophe Capewell

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Made In Love

words & music: ciaran flynn

I'll be the master, let you be the slave
I'll be the king, let you be the maid
I like to sing about how we behave
And I like to think
That we have it paved in love.

I'll be your preacher, if you kneel before
Me when I speak, of these deeds I deplore
I'll tell you things that come from above
And have you believe
We pray for love.

I'll be your leader, if you vote me in
I'll rule your world, through terror and spin
I'll give my orders, right before I withdraw
And have you believe
We're saving love.

I'll be your council, in this court of shame
I'll state your case; I'll clear your name
I'll lie and deceive, if I think I should
And have them believe
We're paid in love.

I'll be your hero, on the big silver screen
You'll search for pieces, of yourself in me
I'll read my lines, just do my job
To have you believe
We're made in love.

I'll be your teacher, of history and blame
And how your flag, plays the imperial game
I'll teach your children, how you won your wars
And have them believe
That they too must kill . . . for love.

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