Angels are the people I meet
who live off the inner city streets
On this Friday night

And there’re people out there just like you and me,
Who need to have something to believe
Until Friday night

Christophe Capewell

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...Smallest Gun

words & music: ciaran flynn

A rich man approached my love
He stayed a while before he offered her
The chance of a new life,
Gold & diamonds if she’d agree to be his wife.
We grew apart as the money rolled in
My loved she rides on
The western, whistling wind.

Sometimes I think that she’s better off
She needed more than I could give her in love
Sometimes I’m dared to reel back the year
To when patriotic fires quenched my fears.

Make no mistake about it - he’s gonna wage war
On the man who disagrees with what he stands for.
This is his project, credit him with sense
A ten million dollar rocket’s too good for a ten-dollar tent.

Watch out for George he knows he’s got the bomb
He’s aimed it for the man with the smallest gun.

I’m too tired I only want to sleep tonight
I’m so tired I can’t put up a fight.

I can’t hear you anymore when you cry
I won’t see you anymore when we say goodbye

I’m not giving up on you
No, I’m not giving up on you.

© 2021: all content copyright controlled by ciaran flynn ®